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An important concern in Pb-free wave soldering flux application is hole penetration in complex, multilayer boards.
Limited Tenders are invited for Soldering Flux Solda Flux Z-30/Type F-Sw11sldrng Flx Solda Flux Z-30
TSF-6592LV soldering flux is designed for an flip-chip attach, sphere or ball attach, rework/repair of CSPs, BGAs, SMDs, or any Pb-free soldering application that requires a tacky flux.
Cookson will transfer its Alpha solder paste, cored wire and wave soldering flux manufacturing to two sites in Mexico.
Early project efforts focused on improving industry understanding of the factors affecting creep corrosion on PCBs and assemblies (PCBAs), such as surface finishes, soldering fluxes, design features and the environment.
If further reduction or consumption of the halogen content takes place, then soldering fluxes and paste would have virtually no impact on a board, component or subassembly relating to halogen content of the final product.