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DSC analysis was performed for understanding the thermal reactions of investigated solders during heating.
alcohol-or water-based fluxes) depends on the application, board surface finish, solder resist, board complexity and other issues.
Therefore the selection of the peelable solder mask depends less on the required temperature resistance during processing than on the surrounding conditions: The need to tent plated through-holes or achieve a high definition requires the use of special thixotropic or highly thixotropic inks.
Preliminary studies comparing parts using ECAs instead of solder, such as a Finnish study presented in 2000 at the 4th International Conference on Adhesive Joining and Coating Technology in Electronics Manufacturing, suggest that ECAs boast a much tighter bond than solders--perhaps an order of magnitude better, says James Morris, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Portland State University.
The goal of the project was to determine whether highly reliable, non-toxic, cost-effective substitutes could be found for industry-standard high lead and Sn-Ag eutectic solders in harsh environments.
The Council has passed legislation that has gradually and effectively reduced the uses for leaded solders .
4 Interaction of Sn-based Solders with Ni(P) Substrates: Phase Equilibria and Thermochemistry
The authors of [7, 8, 9, 10] used solder alloys based of Cu and Sn with the addition of Ti to improve wettability of solders on Al2O3 ceramic substrate.
SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE polar opposites of point-to-point selective soldering and mass solder dipping lies a unique happy medium known as stamp soldering.
Yet to ensure a good metallurgical and mechanical attachment, the common element for all reballing methods is the need to reflow solder balls while aligned on the BGA lands.
One of these, lead-flee hot-air solder leveling (LFH) has shown success in lead-flee manufacturing.