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Shepard outlines the rigid code of masculinity that was considered necessary for successful soldiership and the maintenance of state security in the 1580s and 1590s, and he examines the ways in which Marlowe's works repeatedly suggest, to the contrary, that both masculinity and militarism are inevitably performative, simply matters of "playing the soldier.
But many people who do not want to sign up to those regulations of soldiership can become associate members.
It is surmised that he traveled in Italy and Germany and around, and qualified himself to put their scenic and social aspects upon paper; that he perfected himself in French, Italian, and Spanish on the road; that he went in Leicester's expedition to the Low Countries, as soldier or sutler or something, for several months or years--or whatever length of time a surmiser needs in his business--and thus became familiar with soldiership and soldier-ways and soldier-talk and generalship and general-ways and general-talk, and seamanship and sailor-ways and sailor-talk.
6) The "hopeless invalid" received a military service pension for his industrious soldiership during the Irish Revolution.