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SOLE. Alone, single; used in contradistinction to joint or married. A sole tenant, therefore, is one who holds lands in his own right, without being joined with any other. A feme sole is a single woman; a sole corporation is one composed of only one natural person.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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HE: heel erosion, SH: sole haemorrhage, WLH: white line haemorrhage, SA: sole avulsion, US: underrun sole, OS: overgrown sole, OH: overgrown hoof, WLF: white line fissure, IDH: interdigital hyperplasia, SU: sole ulcer. Table 2: Association between locomotion scores (0 and 1) and various lesions.
The rest of the foot lesions, namely, sole ulcers, underrun soles, double soles, overgrown hooves, overgrown soles, and interdigital hyperplasia, were categorized as 1 (when present) and 0 (when absent) [14].
In the present study, percent area of sole affected with sole ulcer had also been measured on first dressing and corresponding healing period was also noted upon (Table 2.).
Association of sole ulcer at claw trimming with reproductive performance, udder health, milk yield and culling in Swedish dairy cattle.
The incidence of different foot lesions included sole ulcer 36 (2.31%), white line separation 223 (14.36%), white line abscess 17 (1.09%), punctured sole and pus 55 (3.54%), foreign body in sole 24 (1.54%), heel horn erosion 28 (1.80%), foul of the foot 35 (2.25%), interdigital hyperplasia 53 (3.41%), interdigital foreign body 5 (0.32%), sole hemorrhages 98 (6.31%), horizontal fissure 48 (3.09%), sand crack 21 (1.35%), aseptic laminitis 36 (2.31%), cork screw horn 88 (5.67%), deep sepsis 9 (0.57%) and overgrown hooves 776 (50%) (Fig.
In the present study, a retrospective analysis of the managemental practices in 42 chronic cases of hoof problems from University dairy in Pantnagar and Izatnagar, India comprising of sole ulcers (white line disease), interdigital dermatitis (Fig.