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A few errors crept into the introduction as well, the most obvious being the persistent reference to the Missa Nos amis as Nous amis (correct in the edition and critical commentary); and the editors should have avoided the Latin solecism missae brevi (recte breves; see pt.
Truss says: "Getting your itses mixed up is the greatest solecism in the world of punctuation.
Other firearms-savvy American mystery-adventure writers whom you can read without ever encountering an absurd solecism include P.
Even great writers have committed this linguistic solecism.
James misunderstood Peirce's thought so thoroughly that, in order to separate the concept of pragmatism from James' puerile "cash value" concept, Peirce coined the solecism "pragmaticism.
It's a pity that this solecism occurs on such a magnificent disc: it would surely have caused a conflagration in London if the original singers' supporters had been able to hear the two-soprano repertory in this concentration.
Berg's Lyric Suite is too wispy to support frenetic dance, and it was a solecism to tack one of Wagner's Wesendonck Lieder onto the final, reconciliatory bars of Verklarte Nacht, the Schoenberg work that dancelovers will associate with Antony Tudor's great Pillar of Fire.
Nothing is said about a clear solecism of Ibn Ezra's own, viz.
On the one side, then, Quintilian allows that, while pure Latin may be corrupted by barbarism and solecism, such defects may be overlooked because they appear in ordinary speech, or in the canon, or because they are old, or even because they closely resemble figures and tropes (I v 5, cf 40).
Tielessness, admittedly, is also absent, which many might consider a worse sartorial solecism than socklessness, but tielessness is surely more of a fashion statement, while socklessness tends to be a matter forced upon a fellow by the vagaries of washing machines or the inherent turmoil of wardrobe drawers.
Tharoor -- who chaired a talk by political theoretician and Labour MP in Britain's House of Lords, Bhikhu Parekh -- committed what in the Congress book is the ultimate solecism.
Incidentally, it's interesting to see the way that this sort of solecism is defended on the grounds that "it's a living language" - because this is itself a minor miracle, as it's murdered a million times a day.