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Occasional solecisms, excessive footnotes, and letters that exist in print cited only in manuscript may be forgivable, but the recurrent lengthy redundancies--identical passages--between the general introduction and the annotations to the play are baffling.
Yet the reader is encouraged not to be put off by the stylistic flaws, as considerable as they are, for there is much to be praised, and much clarity in between the solecisms. Forge through the early chapters and the beginnings of later chapters--it is well worth it.
Given the scale of the undertaking, there are inevitably some minor errors and solecisms, which would provide grist to the mill of Vladislavic's character, Aubrey Tearle; likewise, Vladislavic himself might be surprised by the inaccurate synopsis of his short story, "The Box".
Just take a look at its rigorous attempts to keep the French language pure of Anglicized solecisms such as "le weekend," etc.
SJR serves a much too useful purpose in this community to allow itself to be blemished by the kind of omissions and solecisms that often creep in.
The rest of the introduction is fraught with similar solecisms. We are told that Sisyphus pushed a "metaphorical" rock up a hill--but the myth (by the ancients or by Camus) requires us to believe it is a real rock (12).
and R.R.) filed a minority report that became part of the record because we objected to procedural and scientific solecisms. Resnik and Portier (2005) did not mention this report, even though Portier was a member of that committee.
The language, along with many of its speakers, is becoming obese as we gorge ourselves on meaningless jargon and babble ('The diseasing of so-called negativeemotions distract attention from the fact that maybe it is the conditions that gave rise to them that needs to be cured' being a good example of wading through treacle academia), feast on tautology (future prospects/past history), and stuff ourselves with solecisms.
Laurence; while almost no misprints occur, the text abounds with solecisms and is redundant to the point of distraction.
The chapters on the poets do make this book worthwhile and do much to compensate for its weaknesses, which include a depressing amount of solecisms and grammatical errors.
For a book that is intermittently inclined to be judgemental about such matters, the number of typing errors, mistakes and solecisms is uncomfortably high.
The volume abounds with dangling participles, solecisms, weird locutions, and other lapses from correct and idiomatic Anglophone usage.