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No doubt your writer's ear rang the alarm at that solecistic between he.
1] bought Black Sparrow Press from John Martin, for example) and one annoying typographical convention adopted for the book (fractions in the measurements of books are raised and given in a small point-size, as though they were superscripts), my main complaint about A Bibliography of the Black Sparrow Press Archive is its solecistic title.
The original is translated completely and correctly by Nelly Naumann, Die einheimische Religion Japans [Leiden, 1988], 222, which also see passim for salutary cautions against precisely this variety of solecistic abuse of the term "Shinto," as well for the institutional history of the jinguji [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "shrine-temple," the institution that Tanabe attempts to describe but with no great success.