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"I assure you it's not the slightest use," I said with all possible emphasis which seemed only to increase the solemn discontent of his expression.
After this came the falling clods and all the solemn sounds of filling a grave.
The Grand Master had collected the suffrages, and now in a solemn tone demanded of Rebecca what she had to say against the sentence of condemnation, which he was about to pronounce.
But he is of your own faith, and his lightest affirmance would weigh down the most solemn protestations of the distressed Jewess.
The president to participate in the solemn commemorative events to mark the 80th anniversary of the start of World War 2 in Warsaw, Poland
Adeyemo made this recommendation at the pastors solemn assembly for the peace and security of the church held at Believers Fellowship Baptist Church, Kano.
A solemn ceremony in relation to the recruitment of young officers who graduated from a Military Academy was held in one of the military units of the Azerbaijan Army, APA reports citing press service of the Azerbaijani MOD.
services for the provision, delivery, installation and maintenance of diode screens for the solemn event on july 27 in brest.
Italian Embassy in Azerbaijan has organized a solemn reception in Baku to celebrate June 2 Italian Republic Day.
Solemn ceremony was opened by Jette Sandahl, president of the European Museum Forum, Jasminko Halilovic, founder of Wartime Childhood Museum, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, Special Representative of the EU to BiH and Lejla Mujkic, head of cabinet of Prime Minister of Sarajevo Canton.
Dominic Savio Parish in Mandaluyong City, in solemn observance of the Feast of Saint Dominic (San Domingo) Savio, the revered patron saint of teenagers and choirboys.
The Vulnerable Witnesses (Scotland) Bill, currently being considered by the Scottish Parliament, creates a new rule that child witnesses in solemn cases will pre-record their evidence in advance of a trial for a number of offences, including murder and sexual offences.