solemn observance

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whist'--a solemn observance, to which, as it appears to us, the title of 'game' has been very irreverently and ignominiously applied.
The one-minute solemn observance will be broadcast at approximately 12:00 pm ET on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, across its entire channel lineup, via satellite and online, in recognition of the national holiday honoring those who gave their lives in service to our country.
Last year during the twominute silence, which is always properly observed, it was distressing to see that the gaudy advertising screens over the entrance to the St Johns Precinct Car Park were still operating and displaying their flashing images during this solemn observance.
The bombings also raised fears of further sectarian attacks at the approach of a solemn observance.
Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Northridge, where an intensive series of Holy Week rituals included the solemn observance Friday of Jesus Christ's crucifixion and taking down from the cross.
Thus again there is no room for anything but solemn observance of Anzac Day--the All Souls Day of Australia--and so we come before God not in the bright vestments of festival and the joyous music of triumph; but with tokens of Christian penitence and sorrow for the sins of the world which caused the sacrifice of those bright young lives, our dearest and our best.
As a final tribute to this revered statesman, I urge all residents to pause in a moment of reflection as a solemn observance of Ronald Reagan's memory and in gratitude for his service and commitment to our nation.
Solemn observances were held throughout the country in memory of almost 16,000 people killed in the earthquake, the ensuing tsunami and atomic meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.
Religious celebrations; an encyclopedia of holidays, festivals, solemn observances, and spiritual commemorations, 2v.
The most solemn observances of the year end today for Western, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant churches.