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Crowds gathered to pay their respects at war memorials in towns and villages, as soldiers past and present marched proudly to applause and solemn words of gratitude were spoken before wreaths were respectfully laid.
David Dickinson's solemn words kicked off a promising new series of I'm A Celebrity.
After a few solemn words from Mike Ruddock regarding more mundane selection issues, Johnson publicly explained that he had been misinterpreted and hinted that calls for the New Zealand army to be mobilised were a gross over- reaction.
The sacred, solemn words of our Second Amendment are proudly etched in deep bas relief into the slide for all to see.
White resistance to affirmative action may appear very mild compared to the thunder that will be heard at the very thought that modern-day Americans must make some sacrifice for the "250 years of unrequited labor," in Lincoln's solemn words.
Only the Last Rites have to be administered and those solemn words will be spoken by the high priests of hoopla - the moguls who write the cheques that keep Tyson in the multi-millionaire lifestyle.
With color guards and Cub Scouts, with patriotic music and solemn words of thanks.
A treaty process, promised with solemn words and tears by then Prime Minister Bob Hawke, has not been pursued by mainstream indigenous organisations.
The solemn words have changed little for centuries.
BBC NEWS During another BBC news broadcast of the Queen Mother's funeral in 2002, the solemn words "We'll now have a moment's silence for the Queen Mother" accidentally turned into "We'll now have a moment's violence for the Queen Mother", to the embarrassment of everyone in the studio.