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(13.) S 4 of the Divorce Act, Cap 249 (1904), provided that '(1) A husband may apply by petition to the court for the dissolution of his marriage on the ground that since the solemnisation of the marriage his wife has been guilty of adultery.
APPLICATION FOR PREMISES TO BE APPROVED AS A VENUE FOR MARRIAGES AND CIVIL PARTNERSHIPS THE MARRIAGES (APPROVED PREMISES) REGULATIONS 1995 AND CIVIL PARTNERSHIP ACT 2004 Application for the approval of Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 9BP for the solemnisation of civil marriages/civil partnership.
(3) A will made in contemplation of a particular marriage, whether or not that contemplation is expressed in the will, is not revoked by the solemnisation of the marriage concerned.
Often dubbed as 'divorce, Philippine style,' the law provides: A marriage contracted by any party who, at the time of the celebration, was psychologically incapacitated to comply with the essential marital obligations of marriage, shall likewise be void even if such incapacity becomes manifest only after its solemnisation. (14)
(445) Although the majority of Zanzibaris are Muslims and thus subject to the tenets of Islamic law, the Marriage Solemnisation and Registration Act ("Marriage Act") also exists to govern civil marriage for individuals who do not subscribe to Islam.
A spokeswoman said: "The garden is delighted to have been approved for the solemnisation of civil marriages and the formation of civil partnerships.
When planning on getting married in England, couples must also realise that no matter what type of ceremony they opt for, it can only legally take place at either a register office, a building approved for civil marriage, or in any religious building registered for the solemnisation of marriage.
As citizens continued to have both national and EU identities the idea of Europeanness should be addressed through what he called "solemnisation" such as a common event in which all voices could be heard.
In March 1445 Henry VI's French bride, Margaret of Anjou, was entertained at Rouen on her way to the final solemnisation of her marriage in England.
Adair gives one example among many of the ecclesiastical fight against spousals: Law 69 of the 1667 list issued by the bishop of Sodor and Man stated: "No use to be made of the words of matrimony, except during a legal service for the Solemnisation of the rite" (p.
The complainant insisted that the solemnisation of that nikah was against the spirit of Islam and the law of the land as the accused didn't divorce her before marrying his stepdaughter.
It was said that the Muslim solemnisation of vows - between the man who is a member of the People's Volunteer Corp (Rela) and the 15-year-old who is a secondary school dropout - was done in July at the Masjid Kampung Laut in Tumpat, Kelantan.