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The report further said that Thompson came to Karachi earlier this month before going to see Akram's ailing father in Lahore, where the marriage was solemnised.
The wedding was solemnised in a simple way at the temple in the presence of dozens of people, including police officials," Hiralal Mandal, a social activist said, adding that the wedding found the support of relatives and villagers.
A relationship that from all but Heather's point of view should not have been solemnised.
The gala ceremony was officially solemnised under the authority of a special licence granted by "His Grace The Lord Archbishop of Dublin".
However, her in-laws have refused to recognise her marriage saying it was solemnised against their wishes.
A large number of marriages were solemnised in over 20 refugee relief camps of Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts between September and December last year.
We hold mass weddings annually in April and so far 800 marriages have been solemnised.
Religious marriages dropped by two per cent, leaving just 36pc of marriages now celebrated in a place of worship - a marked fall from 1990 when over half of marriages were solemnised in a religious ceremony.
They declared themselves man and wife by signing their names under the heading: "This marriage was solemnised by us".
A report reaching Manila from southern Philippines said the couple, who were not identified by name, had called off their wedding plans after noting they would be the 44th couple whose union would be solemnised in a mass civil wedding in Butuan City.
The order will be applicable to only those marriages that are solemnised in the city.
The change of command was solemnised at a ceremony in the Army Chief's office.