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this does not imply an ability to favor religions over non-theistic groups that have moral stances that are equivalent to theistic ones except for non-belief in God." (65) Because Wooden and the Secular Humanists of the Center for Inquiry had all the same interests that Indiana sought to accommodate with its broad grant of solemnization power to various religions, there was no reason to require the label of religion-asking whether Secular Humanism is a religion or not simply "misses the point." (66) The court thus granted an injunction, giving Wooden's solemnization legal effect and protecting her from any criminal penalties that might apply.
According to the Bill, every marriage that is solemnized under the Act should be registered with the union council or ward within 45 days of solemnization. However, if any person fails to get his marriage registered he or she will be liable to pay a fine of Rs 1,000.
First, to allay the concern about the close connection between marriage and religion, we should immediately cease having religious figures perform marriage solemnizations. We should do what's done in other nations that (professedly) separate church and state, like France: have the couple obtain a marriage license from a county clerk's office and then let them take whatever further religious and ceremonial step they want--but leave the state out of it.
After the notice is submitted, a date for the solemnization of marriage is given which is generally after 30 days.
The presence of a rite for the "Solemnization of Matrimony" in every Prayer Book since the first in 1549 means that for Anglicans, as for Christians generally, marriage is a theological matter and is more than simply a personal or private concern.
The court found that the ban--which was put into regulations in 2011 and is not in the statutes--violated the government's own rules requiring citizenship judges to "allow the greatest possible freedom in the religious solemnization" of the oath.
Article 36 provides that "a marriage contracted by any party who, at the time of the celebration, was psychologically incapacitated to comply with the essential marital obligations of marriage, shall likewise be void even if such incapacity becomes manifest only after its solemnization."
SWABI -- A 22 years old boy killed a bridegroom and a child and committed suicide on the spot while three other people seriously injured when he opened fire over married girl after the solemnization of the nikkah in one of the locality of proper Swabi city here late night, said police.
failed I've returned to this solemnization because I lose all patience with the Poppy Police, who creep out in mid-October to persecute those, like me, who recall the war dead in faith-based style - they want to string-up those they mistakenly believe are Remembrance Sunday's non-observers.
Today, for a large number of them, the thing is real and experimented: the Maua railway is inaugurated, with due solemnization. Religion blessed such vehicles, whose destiny is to produce a true revolution in our industry; human authority consecrated it, the enthusiasm revealed the veil of the future, acclaimed the priceless progress of Brazilian civilization (COMMERCE JOURNAL, 1854, p.
KARACHI -- For restraining the solemnization of child marriages , Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan ascended Sindh Child Marriages Restraint Act- 2013 ; to be effective immediately.
solemnization or celebration" of any marriage--for example, by hosting the wedding reception--when doing so would violate their religious tenets.