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District Court Judge issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) requiring the Santa Fe Independent School District to allow a student elected volunteer to deliver a message, which could include a "courteous, reverent, solemnizing 'prayer, blessing, invocation, or reference to a deity' as her choice of message to solemnize the football games this season.
New York law prohibits clergy from solemnizing marriages without a civil marriage license.
Greenleaf and Sangrey were charged with solemnizing a marriage without a license (NY Domestic Relations Law, Article 3, Paragraph 17), the same charges leveled against New Paltz Mayor Jason West.
5th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the policy last year as it applied to football games, holding that while student-led prayers before public school graduations are permissible due to the serious nature of the occasion, athletic contests do not merit such solemnizing practices.
To create an atmosphere for positive discussions I decided last night to postpone the solemnizing of same sex marriages tomorrow and not to perform any next week.