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But my position is that I will solemnly execute it while I'm in office.
Plaid would give AMs the choice of: 'I do solemnly swear to discharge the responsibility required of me to the best of my abilities and faithfully serve the people of Wales, whom I here represent.
Sylvie Guillem, in her artistic maturity, was solemnly grave and lyrical, looking more like a holy priestess than one more sacrificial victim.
Imagine that one morning he said to himself (let us suppose him to be a gambler), 'I solemnly vow that I will never more have anything to do with gambling, never--tonight will be the last time'--ah, my friend, he is lost
Nor, one imagines, have all the politicians solemnly lined up at the all-night service broadcast on TV from the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow.
And in signing, you have solemnly promised to love, honor and cherish the bird in sickness and health for as long as you both shall live/fly.
A man has been tortured and killed, regardless of how solemnly John describes Christ's death
IN three days the world will solemnly commemorate the dreadful events of September 11.
Rather, it took the steps it did quietly and solemnly and introspectively.
While analysts solemnly speculated about the failure of the free market, Edreira had a simpler view.