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Regardless of what approach a CPA firm decides to take to solicit new clients, selecting the right person to solicit outside business still poses a significant challenge and results are not always positive.
The editor pores over the responses, seeks opinions from editorial board members, and sometimes solicits the views of special consultants.
Dani solicits donations through speeches, advertising, and community collection drives; writes short inspirational messages to include in every package; and organizes volunteers to sort, package and ship the socks.
In an earlier statement, Aguirre said he had not authorized anyone to solicit under his name for any project or activity.
The men can get them back only if they can convince a judge in civil court that the vehicles were not being used to solicit prostitution, Berger said.
It's wrong to solicit the money, it's wrong to accept the money.
The Company continues to solicit proxies for its 2006 Annual Meeting of Stockholders, which is currently scheduled for May 8, 2006.
As chairperson of the hospital's Teen Committee, Julianne organizes fund-raising events, recruits other teen volunteers, solicits donations from organizations and businesses, and spends time talking and playing with hospitalized children.
The company has agreed to recommend the Third Point directors for election to the board and solicit proxies in their favor at annual meetings through 2007, provided the Third Point directors remain on the board and Third Point does not take certain stockholder actions, including soliciting proxies, submitting proposals for stockholders' meetings, buying or selling Ligand stock and engaging in or proposing activities such as extraordinary corporate transactions, sale of material company assets, changes in management or the board, material changes in the company's structure or business or changes to its charter or bylaws.
In March, the council voted 3-2 to solicit bids for Santa Clarita's lucrative trash contracts, reversing an earlier decision to sign a new agreement with the city's current haulers, Santa Clarita/Blue Barrel Disposal Co.
Under a new ordinance adopted by the City Council late Tuesday, panhandlers are now prohibited from soliciting near banks and in public parking lots after dark and they could be fined and charged with a misdemeanor if they solicit aggressively.
The Women's Forum enables female executive members to exchange information via email or the Web to ask advice or insights on career issues, solicit contact information, and generally solicit support from their peers.