solicit votes

See: lobby
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intend to make a filing with the SEC of a proxy statement and accompanying proxy card to solicit votes for the election of director nominees at the 2018 annual meeting of shareholders of Resonant Inc.
He said that the provincial government's performance in health and education sectors during the last five years counts a lot as ruling political parties of Sindh and other provinces would soon contact people to solicit votes from them in the forthcoming general elections.
Intense campaigns have seen majority of the nominees camp in Parliament to solicit votes.
Rather than using the traditional methods of nomination and voting, technology will be used to interactively solicit votes from participants.
BGC said it also intends to file a proxy statement with a GOLD proxy card with the SEC in order to solicit votes at the January 27, 2015 GFI special meeting against the 20 cents per share lower and inferior proposed merger with CME Group Inc.
Those fans of the bank's Facebook page whose projects have been selected as finalists can solicit votes from friends, have their friends "like" the PNC page and vote for their project.
Users can solicit votes via social media sharing, sending email invites, as well as downloading the image/postcard and making it available on other channels.
The students were told politicians are not allowed to solicit votes at the polls.
Vulcan contends a 2010 agreement from previous talks doesn't allow Martin Marietta to offer to buy Vulcan's public shares or to solicit votes for five board nominees, according to court papers.
Until then, candidates could not put up posters or openly solicit votes.
Kumar said Narender Modi would take part in the campaigning in Bihar to solicit votes during the November 2010 Bihar Assembly elections.
Kobayashi's election campaign, was arrested on suspicion of promising to give money to some 30 people if they made telephone calls to solicit votes for Ms.