solicit votes

See: lobby
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Central Time) on Thursday, September 10, 2015, in order to continue to solicit votes to reach the necessary quorum to conduct business at the Annual Meeting.
Sandell was free to file its own proxy materials to solicit votes for its shareholder proposal and the other annual meeting proposals, including the election of directors.
Those fans of the bank's Facebook page whose projects have been selected as finalists can solicit votes from friends, have their friends "like" the PNC page and vote for their project.
Users can solicit votes via social media sharing, sending email invites, as well as downloading the image/postcard and making it available on other channels.
Until then, candidates could not put up posters or openly solicit votes.
Kumar said Narender Modi would take part in the campaigning in Bihar to solicit votes during the November 2010 Bihar Assembly elections.
We are pleased to have the support of the unsecured creditors as we solicit votes to approve the Plan, bringing us closer to completion of the Chapter 11 process," said Steven J.
Kobayashi's election campaign, was arrested on suspicion of promising to give money to some 30 people if they made telephone calls to solicit votes for Ms.
While gays, lesbians, and their allies across the country solicit votes in an election year marked by upheaval and the potential for a major Democratic upset in Washington, perhaps no single race is being watched with as much anticipation as the U.
ValueAct partner Mason Morfit said yesterday that if Chiron's chief executive officer, Howard Pien, agrees to solicit votes for the Novartis deal, "he will have lost the confidence of shareholders and must be replaced if Chiron is not sold to Novartis".
has filed a request with the bankruptcy court asking for more time to solicit votes for its reorganization plan without the threat of other parties filing competing plans.
The Bankruptcy Court authorized the Debtor to solicit votes with regard to acceptance or rejection of the Second Amended Chapter 11 Plan of Liquidation of The Colonial BancGroup, Inc.