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The curriculum during the week is highly solicitant and from our discussions with the students it showed that they lack the time.
Pentru a accede in aceasta categorie avocatul solicitant trebuie fie sa succeada unui avocat care ii cedeaza biroul lui fie sa se asocieze intr-o societate civila de avocati titulara a unui astfel de birou (aceasta societate neputand avea mai mult de trei asociati).
In students' physical education and sport activity from faculties of another profile than sport, we are interested in solicitant effort which, through its parameters (intensity, volume, complexity), obliges their organism to react intensely and generalized (I.G.Ghitescu and A.D.Moanta, 2005).
It is also the main official channel of communication with those interested in information regarding the legislation, the documents needed by UE/SEE citizens and with those from third countries and with asylum solicitants. One important objective is to prepare in the view of the accession to Schengen Area.