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But he and others aware of the practice say that if it is happening in Los Angeles, then day laborers across the country are likely being solicited as well.
But to define your list legitimately as solicited or permission-based, you will need to ensure that it meets the requirements described below.
The disclosure required by paragraph (b) of this section must be made orally and in writing at the time the consumer applies for an extension of credit in connection with which insurance is solicited, offered, or sold.
She denied having sexual affairs with ex-Inspector Tom Kennedy, Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla or William McClean, one of the men who has alleged she solicited him to murder her husband.
With help from the Anthony Robbins Foundation, Justin developed a concept and programs, solicited teen volunteers, organized leadership and peer counseling training, and coordinated the participation of more than 150 students in a variety of community service activities and events.
An Indian motorist alleged that the defendant solicited and collected Dh3,000 from him to cancel a traffic fine ticket he had issued against him for driving recklessly.
Papers are solicited for the 24th Annual Conference of the Tire Society, to be held September 20-21 in Akron, OH.
There were 65 proposals solicited and five received.
To the extent that a superior proposal solicited during this period leads to the execution of a definitive agreement, Triad would be obligated to pay a $20 million break-up fee to CCMP Capital and GSCP and reimburse up to $20 million of their out-of-pocket expenses.
Glendale police said they also receive reports that residents have been solicited for funds in similar scams.
Papers are being solicited for PACE 2004--Polymers in Aggressive and Corrosive Environments, to be held September 8-9 in Cologne, Germany.
Overall, most consumers say their opinion of their credit card company decreases as result of being solicited for additional products.