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I'll write a note to my own solicitor, the sportsman who was my father's executor.
I'll go and see my solicitor and get him to write to Miller.
He had done his duty to the unhappy young woman, by instructing his solicitor to spare no expense in tracing her, and in restoring her once more to medical care, and he was now only anxious to do his duty towards Miss Fairlie and towards her family, in the same plain, straightforward way.
Gilmore kindly addressed to my solicitor, describing the circumstances under which the writer of the anonymous letter was identified.
There now remained living Anne and Blanche, who had been children at the time; and the rising solicitor who had discovered the flaw in the Irish marriage--once Mr.
"You can do nothing until we hear from the solicitor. In the meantime you may stay with us, if you wish.
"If his solicitor will not tell me where he is, I will hunt through England for him.
The second stranger, who had hitherto lingered in the background, now drew near; a pale face looked over the solicitor's shoulder--yes, it was Mason himself.
The solicitor addressed me as he descended the stair.
'Your highly intelligent and respect solicitor is of opinion that your affairs are in a bad way, Eugene.'
'My solicitor, do you know,' observed Eugene, turning round to the furniture, 'is a man of infinite discernment!'
The next morning a letter from my solicitor arrived, summoning me to town on important business.