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Her face was serious, even solicitous with desire not to hurt, and her eyes were unwavering, but in them was the light, golden and glowing--the abyss of sex into which he was now unafraid to gaze.
In it was all the imperativeness of reproof and command and all the solicitous insistence of love.
She uttered solicitous cries, and, as Michael strove to rise on his ruined foreleg, scolded him with sharp gentleness and with her arms tried to hold him away from the battle.
Her temper was now shorter than ever; but he had become more patient than ever and more solicitous.
There, without sign of boast, or sign of joy, Solicitous and blank, he thus began:-- "Princes, Heaven's ancient Sons, AEthereal Thrones-- Daemonian Spirits now, from the element Each of his reign allotted, rightlier called Powers of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth beneath (So may we hold our place and these mild seats Without new trouble
By night and day, at all times and seasons: always watchful, attentive, and solicitous, and never varying in the discharge of his self-imposed duty to one so friendless and helpless as he whose sands of life were now fast running out and dwindling rapidly away: he was ever at his side.
That worthy individual she had been equally solicitous to keep away; but he affirmed that he saw no reason why he should not enjoy a crack with Markham and the old lady (my mother was not old, really), and bonny Miss Rose and the parson, as well as the best; - and he was in the right of it too.
Chandler assisted her to her feet with instant and solicitous courtesy.
Stepan Arkadyevitch, like all unfaithful husbands indeed, was very solicitous for his wife's comfort, and he had himself looked over the house, and given instructions about everything that he considered necessary.
Mr Meagles (who had been extremely solicitous to know how his uncle and aunt were) begged him to conduct Mrs Meagles to the dining-room.
Says Gots, "People take care of you, are solicitous of you; you can't do certain things, like working.
Yet, the mere fact they are ingratiating and solicitous toward Garrison and were sent gratuitous, in spite of his scorching portrayal of government, is a clear indication that those who have responded consider Garrison too competent and articulate to dismiss as a crank and too accurate in his portrayal to ignore.