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All meals are eaten with your right hand and the monk-server solicitously passes in front of the visitors offering either more of the daffy fare, or if the person thinks they have too much--and there is a gentle admonition not to waste food--ready to scoop some back into the serving pot.
Seeing his opportunity, Arne slipped up behind the ailing reveller and asked solicitously in German, "Are you sick?
Thought your need was greater than mine," she says, solicitously, as the veins throb in your forehead.
The editor at Virago solicitously (and by letter) "wondered whether this represented your feelings about the place of Asian women particularly in Britain, that the sense of 'otherness' is still so great that it feels still an impossibility to write in first person as opposed to third.
In the Bush White House, political guru Karl Rove tended solicitously to the union.
Barry (Lincoln) and Karen met at a Hogmanay party and vigorous post-party bonking went on with him solicitously offering her a choice of flavoured condoms.
Trainer Nick Zito said solicitously of the runner-up: ``Smarty Jones will always be one of the most famous horses.
I will have a sketch made and sent to you and if these things bother neither the Queen nor Father Philip [the Queen's confessor] we will have to let it appear that Her Majesty ordered everything and that I was solicitously carrying out her commands.
Butch inquires solicitously after Woodcock's injuries.
When another senator called Marshall over to inquire solicitously about the names he was being called, Marshall insisted,
Sebastian by Sodoma, a notoriously gay Sienese painter, shows the frontally nude body of the martyred saint in a twisted, squirming position, while a winged angel hovers solicitously above.
Later, as a waiter at the Last Supper with order pad at the ready, he solicitously inquires, "Does everyone want soup?