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Her mawkishness tempers at later stages of the book when she reflects solicitously on her uncertainty about marriage and the decision to abandon her old life for early risings and long days on the farm.
which described the state as an "octopus" which "tenderly and solicitously takes us into its arms, lulls us to sleep and sings us lullabies while feeding us the blood sucked from our fathers, mothers, relatives, loved ones--from everyone
Mubarak, the most powerful cook in the kitchen cabinet, solicitously offering tea and biscuits when a million or more protesters were baying for her husband's blood?
Research is enhanced when it is responsive, grounded and locally embedded Table 2 Guidelines for applying a gender sensitive approach * The process of engagement must be afforded paramount importance in the establishment of SI, PAR or COR, requiring considerable input of 'self' on the part of the co-researchers * Once trust and credibility are established, these must be solicitously maintained.
Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, hovered around the king's mummy solicitously, as if to ensure that the CT scanners didn't hurt him.
Contending that Moore's approach "deflects attention from the tragedy and its male victims to hover solicitously over a surrogate victim," Kay stressed that it is disproportionately men who take on dangerous jobs:
At this very moment on a Bank Holiday Monday morning, she will be surrounded by organised notes and text books, coloured pen in hand for highlighting purposes, smiling as you come solicitously into the room with some organic apple juice and a homemade oatcake.
Tending his memory and literary legacy, Matters is also solicitously on hand at the end and 'burned what the crows left' (p.
Centesimus Annus, 8, citing Rerum Novarum, 33: "the public administration must duly and solicitously provide for the welfare and the comfort of the working classes.
He solicitously went on to say that, if the plaintiffs succeeded in defeating the defendant's right to limit in the admiralty court, the plaintiffs could, if they so chose, pursue their saving to suitors clause actions outside the admiralty courts.
In the mimetic prologue, both mother and sister solicitously offered food and care, but Vindice shunned them, choosing instead to waste away in a room that drew upon the visual arts to show the family's poverty and the protagonist's despair.
However, I was more than a little afraid she would make fun of my ignorance, so pretended I was on the right track when the solicitously inquired of my progress.