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The ethical and mystical journeys can be the same journey of agonistic solicitousness for the Other only if divestment, in which the self finds its true self in self-oblivion, does not reduce the otherness of the other to the same.
Instead of the traditional stiffly seated paternal Sol enthroned in a classical portico being importuned by his son Phaethon, Boissard depicted many couples hanging out of the balcony and the enthroned Sol engaged in activities other than paternal solicitousness.
And clearly Los Angeles City Councilman Jack Weiss has not spread enough solicitousness around his district.
The comment predates the 1993 revisions to the legislation, and reflects an arguably inappropriate solicitousness to professional reputation.
The really comical moment comes when the celebrity narcissist with political opinions of which he feels the need to unburden himself confuses his solicitousness for his own treasured opinions with the sacred rights of free speech.
He tries to live into the exuberant life available on this floating palace--the solicitousness of the crew, the pleasing amenities, the varied rhythms and sounds of the languages.
of solicitousness for the most robust interpretations of the rule of law
In this way, he at least partially defeats his own prudential argument, as well as his implicit claims to virtue, insofar as these derive from his solicitousness for the well-being of the common people.
We have always encountered very great solicitousness and generosity from all quarters, and we sincerely hope to meet with understanding for this difficult decision we have made.
There's a pervasive solicitousness in the office that any anxious ex-official would find deeply comforting: During the five minutes I spent waiting for Olson to get off the phone, happily reading the offered Wall Street Journal, three different staffers asked me if I'd like something to drink.
Mixing solicitousness with warning, Hemingway continued to ask after Jane's work: "How are you going?