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Solicit author reviews of referees for periodic evaluation by the editor or program director.
Editors often choose referees with different specialties, and sometimes solicit evaluations from scientists representing both sides of a controversy -- tactics that undermine referee agreement but hardly serve as an indictment of peer review, Hargens observes.
The court find that "Bloomingdale's stores in Pennsylvania do not solicit orders on By Mail's behalf nor act as its agents in any fashion and By Mail does not solicit orders for Bloomingdale's.
The PAR solicits applications to utilize the newly generated methodologies and reagents, such as the dones and sequence information, to identify and characterize genes, gene families, and gene networks that control developmental and cellular events.
2) For purposes of this definition, activities on behalf of a bank include activities where a person, whether at an office of the bank or at another location sells, solicits, advertises, or offers an insurance product or annuity and at least one of the following applies: