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I had at least two friends on Mars; a young woman who watched over me with motherly solicitude, and a dumb brute which, as I later came to know, held in its poor ugly carcass more love, more loyalty, more gratitude than could have been found in the entire five million green Martians who rove the deserted cities and dead sea bottoms of Mars.
I could see Maud's solicitude again growing, though she timidly--and even proudly, I think--forbore a repetition of her request.
In the present instance, however, a more than common solicitude was felt, in consequence of the distrust awakened by the sinister designs of Rose.
Louisa could not listen at all to his account of a conversation which he had just held with Dr Shirley: she was at a window, looking out for Captain Wentworth; and even Henrietta had at best only a divided attention to give, and seemed to have forgotten all the former doubt and solicitude of the negotiation.
Without, I trust, any abatement of my affectionate solicitude for him as a friend, I began to regard him as a patient, rich in possibilities of profitable study.
It is easy to comprehend that the balloon --that marvellous vehicle which was to convey him through the air--was the constant object of his solicitude.
Prince Andrew was standing before her, saying something to her with a look of tender solicitude.
And she could not but appreciate this, even though the very intensity of his solicitude for her, the atmosphere of care with which he surrounded her, sometimes weighed upon her.
Yes, sir, I did indeed; and I am very much obliged by your kind solicitude about me.
Jane's solicitude about fetching her own letters had not escaped Emma.
This High Royal Solicitude reflects once again the humanist commitment of the Kingdom in the treatment of migratory issues and comes during these blessed days of the holy month of Ramadan, month of piety and solidarity.
No, love requires solicitude, and solicitude requires the loved one to have faults, requires wounds, frailty.