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6 : unanimous 1 <The candidate had the solid support of her party.
For 52 wealthier countries (in which per-capita income is more than US$10,500), the researchers assumed that fewer than 5% of the population depended on household solid fuels.
Mathematicians on-site can change the kernel--a full surface and solid kernel--as needed.
To explore the behavior of solid helium, the researchers placed inside the oscillator's bob a porous glass disk the diameter of a dime.
The city of Hawthorne, located in southern California, recently unveiled a solid waste and recycling program that aims to boost the recycling level by opening up the commercial sector from a franchise agreement to one of open competition for "clean recyclers.
Lemieux, the Deputy Sanitation Commissioner in charge of Solid Waste Management and Facilities Development said "One thing we will be talking about is a solid waste authority.
A PDM system called "Insight" is built into Solid Edge V16; it's not yet-another-bolted-on piece of software.
NASA and other rocketeers usually choose liquid or solid fuels.
Therefore, a solid layer enclosing the partly solidified metal often is formed.
The new products automate the design process to varying degrees, but many go as far as to enable creation of a solid mold assembly with just a few mouse clicks, Much of that added speed comes from the ability of most software to handle design revisions automatically or semi-automatically.