solid substance

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The food consisted of about a pound of some solid substance of the consistency of cheese and almost tasteless, while the liquid was apparently milk from some animal.
A few inches below the surface of the sand I encountered a solid substance that had the feel of wood beneath the sharp steel.
It was a dark night, and the lights of the motor-cars cut as sharply through the blackness as knives would cut through solid substance.
Not a drop of liquid, not the smallest atom of any solid substance, remained in it.
It is much softer, more transparent, and contains more animal matter, than the natural incrustation at Ascension; but we here again see the strong tendency which carbonate of lime and animal matter evince to form a solid substance allied to shell.
The turnpike lamp was a blur, quite out of the lamp's usual place apparently, and its rays looked solid substance on the fog.
Asim he had spoken to Corps Commander and DG Rangers who told him that there were some serious complaints against the Sindh HEC chairman; but the CM found the details to be generic, without solid substance.
I knew professional footballs were not made of Nerf or some more solid substance, and had to be blown up, but I was amazed to learn there was a rule about ball pressure.
For all Newquay and Cornwall's chilled-out atmosphere, however, there is a core of solid substance beneath the sun and the sand.
When Angeline O'Grady prepared to board her flight out of Philadelphia Airport on November 1, 2011, security officials informed her that the remains must be placed in her checked baggage "because its contents was not a solid substance," according to the lawsuit.
Telhami's combination of solid substance, readable style and pertinent analytical insights is brought to bear on a series of key dimensions of public opinion and political values and aspirations across the Arab world, including: the centrality of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the quest for democracy, religious-secular balances, perceptions of the current uprisings, the interplay between national and pan-Arab identities, the role of media, and attitudes toward the U.
The laser system emits a broadband beam of infrared light covering a range of frequencies, the echoes of which can be used to detect the vibrations of the molecules that make up a solid substance and illuminate deep information, said Mohammed Islam, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science and biomedical engineering at the University of Michigan.