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CitySquare is fast-forwarding from the wrecking ball to a solid vision," Mr.
For us, it is because we have maintained a solid vision, with our customers at the center.
Strong leadership, partnership and a solid vision at multiple levels are necessary to support sustained change.
It will be critical for AMICAS/Emageon to articulate a solid vision to answer the many questions that clients have.
These include a solid vision and business case; high levels of specificity about roles and responsibilities; strong service level agreements; and a solid governance structure.
Advertising agency Consortium has a solid vision for its use of broadband going forward.
At the outset of instruction, make sure students have a clear, solid vision of the learning targets that they are responsible for achieving.
Now that improved economic conditions provide some breathing room for policymakers, the council should have drafted a solid vision for the nation's economic future.

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