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The recent upgrade of the Philippines' credit rating from "BBB-" to a stable outlook of "BBB" by international debt watcher Fitch Ratings is a solid vote of confidence in the country's growth prospects and a recognition that the Philippine economy is now stronger and more resilient than ever.
Postal workers' solid vote for strike action means that Royal Mail now needs to rethink its priorities, and negotiate a new deal for posties, if it is to avoid a strike in the run-up to Christmas.
All the confrontation between MQM and the rest has been due to its solid vote bank in urban Sindh.
Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo said, The second edition of the Dive Resort Travel (DRT) PH Show is certainly another feather in the cap of Philippines tourism, a solid vote of confidence that should position the country at the heart of diving in Asia.
Now is the time for OFWs to prove they have a solid vote by rallying behind Ople.
Even as the Telugu Desam Party continues its efforts to make its presence felt in Telangana thanks to a solid vote bank of Seemandhra people in the region, Shabbir said that Naidu's government in Andhra Pradesh had obstructed power supply to Telangana during last Kharif season, leading to the huge loss of crop and causing many farmers to commit suicide.
The Minnesota Republican--who will retire in January--had been a Tea Party icon and a solid vote on economic issues, but she had also been a leader in favor of warrantless surveillance of Americans.
His fondness for boosting economic activity found a solid vote bank in an electorate who was literally crying for economic development.
However, KE-tahya votes for the party instead of the individual, and there is a solid vote for the AK Party here that is not easy to change," some KE-tahya locals say.
The Majlis approved President Rohani's first budget Sunday with remarkable speed and minimal changes in a solid vote of confidence in the new administration.
Slavin's acceptance of our invitation represents a solid vote of confidence in the direction we've embarked upon both in terms of existing and future treatments and in the progress we've already made.
Alsayed remarked: "The awarding of infrastructure works signals a solid vote of confidence by developers and investors alike on both Bahrain's immediate prospects and the longer term.

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