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The measured solidification range for the bismuth-containing alloy was approximately 90[degrees]F (50[degrees]C) greater than the leaded alloy solidification range and approximately 81[degrees]F (45[degrees]C) smaller than the lead/bismuth free alloy The liquidus of the bismuth containing alloys was lower than both the leaded and lead/bismuth free alloys.
The solidification process of casting explosives in artillery shells is used to produce high-explosive ammunitions (HE ammunitions).
During the solidification of hypoeutectic gray cast iron, two main events can be differentiated, the precipitation of the primary phase and the eutectic phase.
Further understanding of the recalescence stage for undercooled liquid, in terms of dynamics and structure, could possibly unveil a strong influence of this stage on solidification of static or spreading drops.
In addition, the samples were taken out of the mixer at different solidification temperatures (200, 180.
The aim of the present work is the experimental verification of the adequacy of the model of thermophysical processes in the solidification mould.
Research whit real solidification moduls help was made for influence of the number of casting fed by the same feeder.
of British Columbia, Canada) present 80 papers from the June 2009 International Conference on Modeling Casting, Welding and Advanced Solidification Processes.
Another benefit of the on-site solidification process was that Coast Digger was able to combine the solidified slurry with topsoil, which was then used by the primary contractor to backfill trenches.
This means that during final solidification of the solder joint, a "soup" forms of molten solder and solidified particles that have a different grain structure than the last solidifying alloy elements.
The key factor in producing a frozen droplet with a sharp point is the difference between the angle that the solid makes with the solidification front during freezing and the angle that the liquid makes with the front.
Solidification structures - faceted, dendritic, eutectic and peritectic