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and dispersing the compound represented by the formula (I) into the rubber solidified product including the carbon black, this product containing water, while dehydrating the rubber solidified product including the carbon black to produce a wet rubber masterbatch; and (iv) adding to the resultant wet rubber masterbatch, silica and a silane coupling agent and dry-mixing these substances with each other.
While, employees from the factory provided boxes into which the solidified chocolate chunks were put in.
'The decision has solidified his status as an unflinching advocate of democracy, fairness and justice,'
It has been found that high organic matter content in dredged sludge obviously hinders the development of solidified sludge strength [16].
[8] explored the feasibility of using steel converter slag and lime to build soils skeleton to improve the shear strength of solidified municipal sludge.
Each conditioning arm features v-shaped tubular steel breaker profiles which safely and efficiently return solidified materials to free-flowing state.
Dr Richard Carlson, from the Carnegie Institution, in Washington DC, said: "The extraordinary young age of this lunar sample either means that the Moon solidified significantly later than previous estimates, or that we need to change our entire understanding of the Moon's geochemical history."
"The agency now believes it is safe to remove the solidified liquid waste from the mixing containers and bury it in the landfill," Illinois EPA said.
Margi himself appeared on Israeli radio yesterday and said that he hadn't yet read Anderson's letter, but will take it into consideration as he "solidified his understanding of the subject matter" (my translation).
FLEXICON (EUROPE) has introduced a new Sanitary Bulk Bag Conditioner for loosening of bulk solid material that has solidified during storage and shipment, allowing bulk bag unloaders to discharge it through bag spouts.
A total of 28 units of nuclear waste that was packed into solidified glass in Britain will be transferred to the Rokkasho nuclear facility in Aomori Prefecture where it will be stored for 30 to 50 years, and then be buried at a final disposal site.