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Due to the insulating properties of thermoplastics, if you double the thickness of a part, it will take more than double the amount of time to solidify.
The clock-crossing checks have been rewritten taking better advantage of Solidify s multi-clock property verification engines.
So, this volume of solder will solidify as one homogeneous alloy in full equilibrium because of its exact ternary eutectic composition and equal temperature.
During this solidification process the solder volume will shrink; most of the reduction and contraction is found on those alloy parts in the joint that solidify last.
Shining light on just the head of a 4-centimeter-long screw caused the entire piece to solidify.
Ordinarily, "any scratch on the container causes it to immediately solidify," says Jan R.
Because not all sections of the casting solidify at the same rate, ample opportunity exists for hydrogen buildup in the remaining liquid metal during solidification.