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In Arizona, Clinton also was solidly ahead among early voters.
That year, Gallup classified a total of 35 states as solidly Democratic or Democratic leaning, compared with only five solidly or leaning Republican states.
The patch must be a Dow window film, solidly glued on all sides, with no portion of the window film loose where it meets the envelope.
sol*id*ly adverb <The logs fitted solidly together at the corners.
NEW YORK - New York stocks bounced back solidly on Friday morning after steep falls the previous day, with the Dow temporarily surging more than 100 points supported partly by buying on dips.
It's solidly established that a moving-away object (ball, rabbit, child) can prompt predatory behavior (dog chases).
Camp #1: "Did I Say I Was Behind the CRM Initiative?" The executive team in this camp begins by being solidly aligned behind the organization's initiative, but then seems to forget its commitment.
To sit solidly on a bench or chair, the body must be supported by the sit bones, which are the small "rockers" at the bottom of the pelvis.
This is a fanciful story that belongs solidly in children's literature more than YA literature: it lacks the bite of the latter.
A solidly helpful book for improving one's quality of life, highly recommended.
I have more energy and sleep solidly. The stress in my life is reduced.
Diversity policies are most successful when they are solidly integrated throughout the organization, with executive leadership, ongoing training and support and accountability as the vehicles.