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He also referred to the remarks by Iran's top Army Commander Major General Ataollah Salehi in which he had warned the US to avoid sending back its aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf after the US carrier chased by Iranian warships escaped the region during the recent wargames of the Iranian Navy, and said the message was completely clear and showed Iran's solidness in this regard.
She's grittier and less glamorous than Jennifer Garner in "Alias" but her solidness is its own attraction.
Once you get past the burn of youth and know you are in life for the long haul, that solidness is important.
8) So I shifted the contraction of muscles to the center of my body and felt a solidness and strength that then allowed me even greater freedom in my arms and fingers.
He told them that he could see the earth's core growing hotter and hotter, melting more and more of the solidness that surrounded it.
The reason you remember someone like Peggy is you knew she was there--not in a flamboyant way--but it's the solidness and purposefulness that you remember.
The municipal bond crisis, on the other hand, occurred because many in the private sector undervalue the public sector and don't understand the solidness of full-faith in credit general obligation bonds, Frank said.
Our newly found solidness and consistency could be the key to our first piece of silverware since '95.
But they finally have that look of confidence and solidness that has seen them move up in to third spot after some impressive performances this season.
In Brick People, the very solidness of the bricks represents a history that is perhaps more substantial than the received knowledge recorded in texts maintained by the state in the form of legal documents and educational narratives.
Solidness in Asian stock markets also encouraged buying, brokers added.
In the first couple months of the season we didn't play that well but we still won games and now we are getting our players back into form and there is a real toughness and solidness about us.