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Solidus Solutions has already developed the very first 3 and 5 kg solid board tomato boxes, enriched with tomato plant fibres, for The Greenery.
Nodes heated above solidus were bound to the symmetry to simulate the joining process.
La lengua latina hace suyo ese valor de la geometria en el espacio de solidus y derivados que pervive, necesariamente, en obras de caracter tecnico.
Decreased reproductive investment of female threespine stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus infected with the cestode Schistocephalus solidus: parasite adaptation, host adaptation, or side effect?
The deal, which is subject to antitrust approval, is seen closing within a few weeks.Country: Germany, Sector: Electronics, Waste Management/EnvironmentTarget: Duales System Deutschland GmbHBuyer: Solidus Partners, DSD's managementVendor: KKR & Co LPType: MBOStatus: Agreed
The Solidus coin sold at Spink the auctioneers on June 25 for a superb, but more affordable pounds 9,300.
En Brasil, en tanto, los precios del acero aun tienen espacio para bajar, por el desfase con los precios internacionales, senala Dieterich, de Solidus. "Los precios locales aun estan demasiado por encima de los internacionales", comenta.
I'm not sure how successful The Solidus would prove with today's all-weather cards as we had a strict cut-off point of 0-80 sprints.
"Therein" is a solidus or an obolus - a seven-letter English word that includes 10 other words and requires no rearranging of its letters.
onFocus Healthcare, Inc., Nashville, Tenn., has announced the successful completion of a private equity financing led by local investment firm Solidus Company and other investors.
Aastra, a provider of enterprise communications technology, has launched Solidus eCare 6.0, an IP-enabled multimodal contact centre solution.
Last month dozens of grocers lost their biometric ID and payment solutions when Solidus Networks, Inc., the San Francisco-based biometric solutions company that did business as Pay By Touch, ceased processing biometric transactions on behalf of its retailer customers and consumer membership, a move it says was due to "lack of funding and current market conditions."