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Solidus Solutions has already developed the very first 3 and 5 kg solid board tomato boxes, enriched with tomato plant fibres, for The Greenery.
The Solidus coin sold at Spink the auctioneers on June 25 for a superb, but more affordable pounds 9,300.
En Brasil, en tanto, los precios del acero aun tienen espacio para bajar, por el desfase con los precios internacionales, senala Dieterich, de Solidus.
I'm not sure how successful The Solidus would prove with today's all-weather cards as we had a strict cut-off point of 0-80 sprints.
14, 2007, Solidus filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
One of the most remarkable exhibits in Encounters is the so-called Wilton Cross, a piece of jewellery found in Wilton, Norfolk, which incorporates a gold solidus of Emperor Heraklios, issued at Constantinople in 613-30.
5 high-temperature Pb-free solder paste has a solidus temperature of 242[degrees]C, 22[degrees]C delta above SAC.
Aqui, establecio un nuevo senado, desplego fulgurantes campanas militares para afianzarse y, sin perder de vista la unidad del imperio, creo el solidus aureus, una moneda comun que duraria 800 anos y hoy se ve como antecedente del euro.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-23 March 2005-Ericsson provides Solidus eCare solution for Folksam(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The authors summarize the history of international monies, from the gold solidus introduced in the fourth century to the present.
In changing the fish's activity patterns, the schistocephalus solidus worm makes its host more likely to be eaten by a bird - which helps the worm to breed and eventually lay eggs in the bird's guts.