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Even the soliloquist, in the seemingly most private moment, is part of a larger theater of consciousness, as Strate indicates: "We think with forms of communication that are community property.
In a soliloquy addressed to the audience, the narratee and the ideal narrative audience will coincide; these roles will converge with that of the narrative audience to the extent that the observer can share in the assumptions the soliloquist makes about the audience's beliefs, knowledge, and values.
On the one hand, the male soliloquists of the two fragments are bound within a universe marked by a certain sense of guilt and violence, and drained of joy and meaning.
National and local talk radio, using our public airwaves free of charge, is dominated by extreme ranting rightwing soliloquists who often pull the plug on the few callers who get by the screeners.
Sunday at the WOW Hall, with special guests Soliloquists of Sound and Jared Paul.