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soliloquized on farms that don't conform to the corporate model: "That small family farmer is a retired airline pilot and sits on his porch on a glider reading Gentleman's Quarterly--he used to read the Wall Street Journal, but that got pretty drab--and his wife works as a stockbroker downtown.
He soliloquized fast that to gather information from him was the reason she'd given him the tip at this time of the year.
Fuji"; Fernando Suels Mendoza soliloquized with brand names including Hitachi, Canon, and Panasonic; while a lesson in bowing was also grist for the choreographer's dance-theater mill.
What guided him in his quandary over his daughters was the image of the village fiddler on his precarious rooftop perch, playing away as the father soliloquized "on the one hand" to "on the other hand," finally resolving that, whatever his daughters did, they would always be his children, always be loved.
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