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1, the eavesdroppers hide, Hamlet soliloquizes at greater length, and finally addresses Ophelia.
It is his avocation, rather than his vocation, that takes center stage, as he soliloquizes over his mystical garden.
22, teleplay by Kripke), Dean soliloquizes before Sam's (temporarily) dead body:
He disguises himself as a peasant, sits down in front of a bordello run by a madam named Mabile, and soliloquizes loudly on the five pounds he has made by selling grain and livestock, and on the fact that he grieves for a long-lost niece named (of all things) Mabile, on whom he would settle his fortune.
What are we to imagine when we are told that Richard soliloquizes on a London street?
Stubborn and unrepentant, he soliloquizes about how he surely will live a long life and fantasizes about joining the Chinese figures in a kind of art-bestowed immortality.
Ronfard's adaptation literalizes this theme with a crudeness typical of carnivalesque sexuality when the king soliloquizes upon his downtrodden state: "je suis fourre, jusqu'a l'os.
Immediately before Anne's speech, Wendoll soliloquizes about how he has grown in Frankford's affections.
When Glen leaves the room, Melinda soliloquizes on human suffering: