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Finally, late in the novel -- after Temple tells Horace the story of herself, Popeye, and the corncob -- Horace is walking and mentally soliloquizing that the evil in the world is vast and virile, that it has a "logical pattern.
Byron was a dreamboat for everyone," writes Wolfson (212), and while the ship's manifest now seemed to include depraved vampires as well as soliloquizing corsairs, it was the cargo hidden below-decks, in the fancied recesses of that noble but ruined Flying Dutchman, that continued to fascinate Byron's readers--men as well as women, enemies as well as admirers.
Eggers's morbid soliloquizing continues to the rhythm of their awkward intimate fumbling until the shared trauma that aroused him transforms suddenly into impotent silence.
60) Farrison notes that in act 1, scene 3, and act 3, scene 4, Brown "seems to have tried, although vainly, to model Glen's soliloquizing after Hamlet's first two soliloquies.
A melancholy youth ambles almost wordlessly through deep America--rendered in dancy graphics--receiving counsel from a parade of uproariously soliloquizing, exquisitely goofy pundits.
Like its soliloquizing protagonist, Richard II seems drawn to such paradoxical and inquiring modes in its consideration of political values, especially as they are established and contested through language.
I like him best when he's soliloquizing about literature, not current writing, which he regards from a polemical or strategic standpoint, but the old authors, Russian and German, who thrill his imagination.
How the devil, said I to myself, soliloquizing the first night I slept there, am I to go to bed before this young lady?