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Hamlet's soliloquy, you know; the most celebrated thing in Shakespeare.
Too deeply absorbed in the business of the stage to heed any of them, Magdalen asked leave to repeat the soliloquy, and make quite sure of her own improvement.
Suppressing Lucy's first entrance, and turning the short dialogue about the novels into a soliloquy for Lydia Languish, appeared to be the only changes of importance necessary to the accomplishment of Magdalen's project.
As far as the scene of the Countess's soliloquy, the incidents of the Second Act had reflected the events of his late brother's life as faithfully as the incidents of the First Act.
My dear, dear anxious friend,"said she, in mental soliloquy, while walking downstairs from her own room, "always overcareful for every body's comfort but your own; I see you now in all your little fidgets, going again and again into his room, to be sure that all is right.
is the perpetually recurring thought; and there are no voices calling her away from that soliloquy, no peremptory demands to divert energy from vain regret or superfluous scruple.
uf heard, in this strange interruption to his soliloquy, the voice of one of those demons, who, as the superstition of the times believed, beset the beds of dying men to distract their thoughts, and turn them from the meditations which concerned their eternal welfare.
Such was the soliloquy Sancho held with himself, and all the conclusion he could come to was to say to himself again, "Well, there's remedy for everything except death, under whose yoke we have all to pass, whether we like it or not, when life's finished.
Then the Barbican production got slammed for pandering to his celeb status by making the To Be Or Not To Be soliloquy the opening scene, not Act III, Scene I, as Shakespeare intended.
Maharam Stories (Rizzoli) compiles 100 of these texts, which range from a brief history (by Harmen Liemburg) of Vlisco's African wax prints to the soliloquy (imagined by Marian Bantjes) of a mannequin head.
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Nuttal when he covers the soliloquy of Richard III also finds ground for asserting that it is thought content which marks the difference in grading the comparative merit of poets.