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SOLE. Alone, single; used in contradistinction to joint or married. A sole tenant, therefore, is one who holds lands in his own right, without being joined with any other. A feme sole is a single woman; a sole corporation is one composed of only one natural person.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Aquino actually wanted Nanay Soling to be the OIC vice mayor of Davao City, but she told the president to consider appointing her son instead.
Nanay Soling's son thus owes a huge d that "the only way to achieve economic stability is to make every Filipino family self-sufficient in food - for a family to have a piece of land to till and provide food and housing," the profile said.
A true woman of courage and commitment, Nanay Soling received honors from from the Philippine Women's University, Far East Commentator, and Girl Scouts of the Philippines.
PU Density, kg/[M.sup.3] 0.7 0.7 Hardness, durometer A 60 62 Tensile strength, MPa 10 7 Elongation, % 750 450 Tear strength, kN/M 40 15 Abrasion loss, [mm.sup.3] 100 125 Flex life (-20[degrees]C), kcycles >100 50 Figure 1--material share in footwear soling applications Other 1% Rubber 40% TR 14% PVC 20% PU/TPU 8% EVA 9% Leather 8% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Styrenic thermoplastic rubber has found a niche as a soling of rubbery appearance with adequate wear properties.
"Thermoplastic rubber as a shoe soling" is based on a paper given at the May, 1997 Rubber Division meeting.
Solings, like the other major components of the shoe, were traditionally made of leather but has now largely been replaced by polymer-based materials.