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The 4.25-carat diamond solitaire - estimated between PS15,000 and PS20,000
Aesthetic benefits of Solitaire Protect Pro 2 include keeping the eyes visible through the lenses without any colour changes because of its natural bronze coating.
The Solitaire, with its minimalist construction, works well in a variety of spaces.
Crispy the Duck and Solitaire the Rabbit, who have been gone missing from Steve Lucock's animal sanctuary in Blyth
Weld said: "We won the race back in 1992 with In A Tiff and Mick Kinane and I expect True Solitaire to represent us well.
It is well known that millions of people love to play solitaire games.
To make this a perfect platform for businesses of different sizes, Solitaire World conceptualised fully finished and fully serviced, rightly sized office spaces under their commercial real estate brand name -- Solitaire Business Hub.
The Solitaire also opened the artery 88 percent of the time, even when there was a large clot, while tPA reopened vessels only 25 to 30 percent of the time.
Solitaire is the story of Victoria "Tori" Spring, an angsty British teenager who believes herself to be "more blog than an actual person." Tori s friends bore her; her mom is not totally with it; her brother is recovering from mental illness; and on the same day, a series of unexpected encounters and curious incidents occur.
About five weeks ago an individual purchased a pair of solitaire diamonds - each weighing 1.4 carat for Rs 12 lakh - from the online store of Divine Solitaires.
Dubai: A Dubai cabbie who won a one-carat diamond solitaire ring for the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF)said he will not keep the ring to himself.
A lucky cabbie has won a one-carat diamond solitaire ring -- just a month before his first wedding anniversary.