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marginemaculatus were found aggregated near their mother or in several groups of closely associated siblings than were found solitarily (Figs.
Whether taken at a public ceremony before, during or after graduation exercises, or embraced solitarily, the pledge says: "I pledge to explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organizations for which I work.
Group members work solitarily, but in the same room, developing ideas, concepts, and new visions of a present reality or a problematic situation that requires a solution.
In this regard they differ from many male rappers, who engage the mike solitarily.
Because of access restrictions on private property, we were unable to determine the bird's roosting height or position, or whether the bird was roosting solitarily or communally.
Even during Spring Festival when there is an opportunity to be together with close family members, city dwellers often end up solitarily watching the festivities on TV or celebrating the holiday in the most cursory of manners.
Reproductive success of solitarily and communally nesting white-footed mice and deer mice.
After at least five decades of "perversion" and "Gnostic" consternation of the community personalism, Europe must reassume, solitarily and together, its Christian origin, in a theological-philosophical as well as a political-legal perspective, through the choice of a communion in the spirit of community personalism of the relationship between the state and the cults.
Sullivan (1984) showed that the efficiency of solitarily foraging Downy Woodpeckers (males and females combined) improved when she played a recording of pik calls and woodpecker foraging sounds.
Colony size varies widely; in southwestern Nebraska it ranges from 2-6,000 nests (mean [+ or -] SE, 404 [+ or -] 13, n = 2,318 colonies), with some birds nesting solitarily.
A recent study on the impact of the American mink on ground nesting seabirds on Navarino Island (south of the Beagle Channel) found that those species nesting solitarily, in coastal habitat with rocky outcrop shorelines and concealed nests, such as Kelp Geese (Chloephaga hybrida) and Flightless Steamer-Ducks (Tachyeres pteneres), were the most vulnerable to mink predation (Schuttler et al.