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This resulted in 23 origins of gregariousness and six reversals to solitariness, and Maddison used this solution when applying the concentrated changes test.
The qualities that Castellanos attributes to Weil might best be described as virtues, as dispositions of character or directions of desire that lead to good action: serenity in conjunction with torment and suffering, purity able to contemplate impurity, humility, tenacity, conviction, solitariness combined with an active solidarity with the weak, the persecuted and the exiled.
Their essential duality--as champions they stood at the center of American society, while as black men they remained forever outside of it--contributed to their solitariness. Their legendary status, in other words, was largely created and defined by their outsider status.
Whitehead's conception of religion, on the other hand, rightly shows that it is in the midst of everyday life, experienced in various fashions and expressed in concrete ways, that we begin to ask questions which take us beyond the particular situation that we find ourselves in and lead us to what he refers to as 'solitariness'.
The fact that an individual in his solitariness becomes one not only with himself but also with the world entails vitality and not 'unawareness'.
She stated that Indian women were " [a] ptas y capaces para el estado y por su virtud, recogixniento y muy buena crianza es que seran muy buenas religiosas" [suited to and capable of the religious life, and because of their virtue, solitariness and good upbringing, they will be good nuns] (Testimony).
Though not literally a member of an "out-group"--even if in the first fifty years after the war ended there were hordes of isolated solitary mourners, their very solitariness disqualifies them from constituting any group--Miss Moss's eccentricities operate like small barriers that readers must overcome to empathize with her.
'Society in all sort of human affaires is better than Solitariness'.
Maja's music plays out their solitariness, their tussles with the elements, their determination and their serenity.
Hence, silently in the face of Reality, Genius happens to the Universe as much as the Universe happens to it, while others can hardly notice, let alone imbibe, this epistemological degree of universal solitariness.
For a lifetime Bergman chronicled the Swedish soul, its solitariness, its obsessiveness and its melancholia, a trait he shared with other Swedish artistic geniuses - it's in the poetry of the recent Nobel Literature prize winner Transtromer, the music of Stenhammar, the paintings of Zorn and the writings of Strindberg and Dagerman.
Nevertheless, there can be no doubt that the example of certain Byronic heroes, in addition to influencing the way in which Octave desponds and despairs generally, also suggested how he might adjust to his hidden sexual problem: the suppressed violence, the solitariness, the glacial reserve, and the contempt for and resistance to love which characterize these heroes were so many Romantic trappings in which it was all too easy for Stendhal to veil Octave's malady (Rosa, "Byronism" 799-805).