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The solitary tract is the first relay in the neurological pathway between taste buds and the brain, and though early research seemed to indicate that its nucleus was a relatively simple relay, the biologists here report on more recent investigations that reveal it as quite complex.
Histopathologic lesions in brain of zebu with spongiform encephalopathy and cow with bovine spongiform encephalopathy, Switzerland, 2004 * Site Cow Zebu Brainstem Dorsal motor nucleus of vagus nerve (+) (++) Nucleus of spinal tract of trigeminal (++) (+++) nerve Nucleus of hypoglossal nerve (+) (++) Reticular formation (++) (++) Nucleus of solitary tract (++) (+++) Vestibular nuclei (++) (+) to (++) Olivary nuclei (++) (++) Cerebellar cortex (-) (+) Midbrain (substantia grisea centralis) (+) to (++) (++) to (+++) Thalamus (++) (++) to (+++) Hippocampus n.
Histamine H3 binding sites in rat brain: Localization in the nucleus of the solitary tract.