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Invitation to tender: building infrastructure (traffic areas, oboborinske sewerage, water supply, street lighting, ducts and low voltage) to 1 part of the road and the road 5 within the settlement solitudo (phase i)
Saudade" originates from the Latin word solitatem from which the Spanish "soledad" developed, while the Portuguese "solidao" is a semi-learned word from the Latin solitudo.
Despite the ultima solitudo of human beings, Hopkins wrote poems and tried to register the sound of his voice; hence, there is an implied addressee to whom his poetry, and the "pitch" of selfhood, must be communicable.
5) In his copy of Pliny he sketched the place and identified it as "Transalpina solitudo mea iocundissima.
84) In addition, ideas around the words solitarius, solitudo, and deserto are constantly developed.
158): "Nempe et ipse locus, quem incoluit, ex eius nomine solitudo dici potest, quem tamen quidam vulgarice Cellam Solonis vocant.