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The brightness of Mercury's broad northern belt is particularly enhanced in an area of clustered rayed craters near the classical albedo feature Solitudo Aphrodites (280[degrees]W, 30[degrees]N), and in an area, once known as "Apollonia," centered on the bright-rayed crater Hokusai (18[degrees]W, 58[degrees]N).
Invitation to tender: building infrastructure (traffic areas, oboborinske sewerage, water supply, street lighting, ducts and low voltage) to 1 part of the road and the road 5 within the settlement solitudo (phase i)
Solitudo is the Latin word for "being alone" and for a "secluded place.
1, 20, 66: nam, cum solitudo et vita sine amicis insidiarum et metus plena sit.
73) "Quia ad personalitatem requiritur ultima solitudo sive negatio dependentiae actualis et aptitudinalis ad personam alteri naturae".
Ampliamente tratada por Escoto en el Ordinatio, esta cuestion fundamental de la libertad es completada con la aspiracion existencial netamente franciscana, de una humanidad formada por hombres que viven una ultima solitudo.
31) Du Cange interpreta Solitudo en el sentido de desierto, en Glossarium Mediae et Infimae Latinitatis, Paris, 1846, t.
Soledad lat solitudo,inis, soledad, tal vez aludia a alguien que disfrutaba los momentos sin compania.
La descrizione tacitiana del terror premorte di Vitellio da uno schema narrativo peculiare: terret solitudo et tacentes loci; temptat clausa, inhorrescit uacuis; fessus misero errore et pudenda latebra semet occultans ab Iulio Placido tribuno cohortis protrahitur.
Saudade" originates from the Latin word solitatem from which the Spanish "soledad" developed, while the Portuguese "solidao" is a semi-learned word from the Latin solitudo.
April 6-13, 1974 (Padua and Albany, 1980), 115-31), has been the object of debate since the time of Nolhac, along with the note that accompanies it, Transalpina solitudo mea iocundissima, certainly in Petrarca's hand.
Despite the ultima solitudo of human beings, Hopkins wrote poems and tried to register the sound of his voice; hence, there is an implied addressee to whom his poetry, and the "pitch" of selfhood, must be communicable.