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Echocardiography showed situs solitus, levocardia, single ventricle physiology, inverted ventricles, hypoplastic right ventricle, pulmonary artery from left ventricle with bulboventricular foramen stenosis, PV gradient of 57/25 mmHg and normal left ventricular function.
included a mixed type of TAPVR and heterotaxy syndromes in their report and found that both situations compromise accurate echocardiographic diagnosis.7 They reported 97% sensitivity and 99% specificity of echocardiography in diagnosing TAPVR with atrial situs solitus, and only 71% sensitivity in TAPVR with right atrial isomerism.
It is important to assign situs being solitus (normal), inversus (mirror-image) or ambiguous.
The standard and unique asymmetrical arrangement of thoracic and abdominal organs and major vessels is defined as situs solitus, and failure to establish situs solitus causes internal lateralization abnormalities including situs ambiguus (also known as heterotaxy) and situs inversus totalis (1).
When Apuleius, through Photis, mentions Pamphile's customary tools (apparatus solitus), he does not want to allude to a fictional type of magic but rather to the material reality which could have characterised the goetic magic of his time.
She was diagnosed with complex congenital cyanotic heart disease at birth and her cardiac malformations included transposition of great arteries, large nonrestrictive ventricular septal defect (VSD) and atrial septal defect (ASD), dextrocardia with atrial and abdominal situs solitus, hypoplastic right ventricle, tricuspid atresia, and multiple aortopulmonary collaterals to the right lung.
Right-sided heart is a rare congenital anomaly that is related to malposition of the internal organs, and it can be found usually with all the organs changed in the opposite direction, known as situs inversus totalis (mirror-image dextrocardia) or less commonly as isolated dextrocardia in situs solitus (dextroversion) [1].
haec ibi si non sun, minor exstat sacrilegus, qui radat inaurati femur Herculis etfaciem ipsam Neptuni, qui bratteolam de Castore ducat: an dubitet solitus totum conflare Tonantem?
uix unum potes, infelix, requiescere mensem, et turpis de te iam liber alter erit.' quaerebam, sicca si posset piscis harena--5 nec solitus ponto uiuere toruus aper, aut ego si possem studiis uigilare seueris: differtur, numquam tollitur ullus amor.--8 'Tu me dizias que nenhuma podia te prejudicar, Uma te ganhou: tua presuncao morreu!
"Situs solitus" indicates that the heart, abdominal vascular structures, intestinal segments, and visceral organs are in the normal locations.
Clinically significant abnormalities of systemic veins are rare in situs solitus or inversus (non isomeric) but exceed 90% in situs ambiguous (isomeric)2,3.
Perotti had associated Quirites with Curis in his commentary where he explains that 'Romulus Quirinus est dictus: quod hastam ferre solitus erat.