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Both situs inversus and situs solitus are orderly arrangements of the viscerovascular structures of the body that are delineated during embryogenesis.
The normal arrangement of the abdominal and thoracic organs is called situs solitus.
ASD--atrial septal defect ASI--atrial situs inversus, ASS--atrial situs solitus, ASVR--abnormal systemic venous return, AVD--atrio-ventricular discordance, AVSD--atrio-ventricular septal defect, AVVI-atrio-ventricular valve insufficiency, CAVSD--complete atrio-ventricular septal defect, CSLPAO--critical stenosis of left pulmonary artery ostium, CSRPAO--critical stenosis of right pulmonary artery ostium.
The normal arrangement of visceroatrial situs is situs solitus [8].
Solitus ille quidem, ut super eo Pierius noster cecinit: / Mille ex tempore carmina erudita, / Quis nil sit lutulentum, inexpolitum, / Nil absurdam, et inane, nil hiulcum / emodulari quotiescunque amicorum rogatu invitaretur.
Right Bochdalek hernia and liver situs solitus in an adult.
The left-sided valve anatomically is a tricuspid valve (in the case of the situs solitus heart), and its most frequent abnormality is the Ebstein-type abnormality (Figure 20).
5-7), the hooked branch forms an almost straight stub perpendiculary to the axis of the whole organ, less so in Diplotemnus solitus (Fig.
Ad ultionem igitur se canonicus vigor exerat, et petulantium clericorum mala compescat, quatinus et beatitudini vestrae, quod absit, nevus non obrepat infamiae, et solitus nitor aecclesiasticae resplendeat disciplinae.
In situs solitus, the inferior vena cava (IVC) lies to the right of the spine and anterior to the left-sided aorta; the stomach is located on the left side; and the portal vein on the right (Figure 8).
He simplified a very complex entity by first settling on whether the patient had situs inversus or situs solitus.