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He forgot his solo, and the expected compliments; and, for the rest of the evening, that thrilling expression floated in his brain, and was present to his thoughts; it was worth a thousand of the studied glances that were continually aimed at him from all sides of the room, and with every variety of eye--from the piercing black, to the ogling gray.
I might have rebelled against these exasperating solos had it not been that he usually terminated them by playing in quick succession a whole series of my favourite airs as a slight compensation for the trial upon my patience.
This partnership, which will offer 50% off Smokeball onboarding to Solo Practice University students, is part of Solo Practice University's COOP, a carefully vetted showcase of products and services which help solo/small firm lawyers find the right tools to build their practices.
Songs and Solos" is an eye-opening guitar solo creation text that incorporates multiple aspects of integrated guitar solo composition and performance in contemporary settings.
RESULTS, Solo U5: 1 Llio Salisbury, Cyffylliog Solo years 1 & 2: 1 William Hughes, Ruthin Solo years 3 & 4: 1 Cadi Fflur, Glanrafon Solo years 5 & 6: 1 Lois Gwynedd Glanrafon Solo 15-21: 1 Dafydd Jones Llanrhaeadr Chief solo: 1 Dafydd Jones Llanrhaeadr Duet under 16: 1 Lois Gwynedd a Cadi Fflur Cerdd Dant solo U8: 1 Branwen Medi Jones Llanbedr Cerdd Dant solo under 12: 1 Cadi Fflur Glanrafon Cerdd Dant 12-16: 1 Dafydd Jones Llanrhaeadr Piano solo under 12: 1 Lois Gwynedd Glanrafon Piano solo 12-16: Iwan Roberts Bryn S.
Dialogue Yrs 10 and under Boys solo Yrs 10 and under Individual recitation Yrs 10 and under Woodwind solo Yrs 10 and under Cerdd dant choir Yrs 13 and under Folk dance Yrs 10 and under Boys choir (TB) Yrs 13 and under Disco dancing group Yrs 10 and under String solo Yrs 10 and under Duet Yrs 10 and under Girls (SA) choir Yrs 13 and under Individual disco dance Yrs 10 and under Three-part choir Yrs 13 and under SATB choir Yrs 13 and under
Contribution flexibility--Since it's viewed as a 401(k) with profit sharing, you get to decide each year whether to contribute and how much to contribute to your Solo 401(k).
Before last weekend, only two solo riders have completed the Baja 1000 in the past three years.
Audition includes: Ballet, modern, improvisation, prepared solo.
This solo is a calm, graceful Asian scale rendition with pedal.
Bessie Lupton Trophy, highest mark in violin solo classes 16 years and under: Graeme Allen; Margaret Thompson Memorial Trophy, highest mark in solo classes, 12 years and under: Naomi Haigh; Mimi Grunthal Trophy, highest mark in solo cello classes, 14 and 16 years and open: Jeremy Neil Evans; Musical standard awarded to the most promising competitor in the string classes: Caroline Rawson.
A neo-ex juggernaut, with solo shows of Rainer Fetting at Mary Boone, A.