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SOLE. Alone, single; used in contradistinction to joint or married. A sole tenant, therefore, is one who holds lands in his own right, without being joined with any other. A feme sole is a single woman; a sole corporation is one composed of only one natural person.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Nos ultimos 6-10 anos, nota-se maior preocupacao com meio ambiente, tendo maior numeros de trabalhos em disciplinas conservacionista, como Manejo e Conservacao do Solo, Biologia do Solo e Poluicao do Solo e Qualidade Ambiental.
Higher contribution limits--You can contribute more money to a Solo 401(k) on less income than you can to an IRA, Simple IRA, or a SEP-IRA.
Audition includes: Ballet, modern, improvisation, prepared solo. Fee: None.
O Love is a pensive, sweeping, resonant concert-etude-style solo, and is useful for special events, recitals or offertory.
Bessie Lupton Trophy, highest mark in violin solo classes 16 years and under: Graeme Allen; Margaret Thompson Memorial Trophy, highest mark in solo classes, 12 years and under: Naomi Haigh; Mimi Grunthal Trophy, highest mark in solo cello classes, 14 and 16 years and open: Jeremy Neil Evans; Musical standard awarded to the most promising competitor in the string classes: Caroline Rawson.
* Gunther Forg, Galerie Rudiger Schottle, Munich (solo debut)
"The success of the SOLO has exceeded our expectations," states Gonen Ravid, president of ICS.
RESULTS, Solo U5: 1 Llio Salisbury, Cyffylliog Solo years 1 & 2: 1 William Hughes, Ruthin Solo years 3 & 4: 1 Cadi Fflur, Glanrafon Solo years 5 & 6: 1 Lois Gwynedd Glanrafon Solo 15-21: 1 Dafydd Jones Llanrhaeadr Chief solo: 1 Dafydd Jones Llanrhaeadr Duet under 16: 1 Lois Gwynedd a Cadi Fflur Cerdd Dant solo U8: 1 Branwen Medi Jones Llanbedr Cerdd Dant solo under 12: 1 Cadi Fflur Glanrafon Cerdd Dant 12-16: 1 Dafydd Jones Llanrhaeadr Piano solo under 12: 1 Lois Gwynedd Glanrafon Piano solo 12-16: Iwan Roberts Bryn S.M.
More than 5,000 solo parents from different solo parent associations (SPAs) in Metro Manila, Bulacan, and Romblon, in coordination with the DSWD, attended the recent launching of the National Solo Parents Day at Quezon Memorial Circle.
Pianoforte Solo under 13 1 S Bass, 2 I Netherwood, 3 M Palko.
Audition includes: Ballet, improvisation, prepared solo. Bring: Resume, head shot.