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Dipaola-Baranyi and Guillet [14] have shown that IGC can serve as a simple method for estimating the solubility parameters of polymers when using a polymer as the stationary phase.
Several methods have been studied to increase the solubility of glibenclamide such as solid dispersion method, [5] surface solid dispersion, nanoparticles, [6] and nanoemulsion.
Solubility issues complicate the formulation and development of new chemical entities (NCEs), but there is an array of techniques available to enhance the solubility and improve the bioavailability of these drugs.
Polymer compatibility, on the other hand, is governed by the level of mutual solubility existing between the polymer and the fuel.
1 was conducted to determine the solubility of Cu in five sources of Cu at pH 2.
Within the limit of this study, Biodentine restorative material showed an intermediate sorption and solubility values between Kemdent GIC restorative and Master Fill composite and due to this result the material (Biodentine) is not recommended to be used as a final direct restorative material but recommended to be used as a base only.
This technology can enable successful clinical translation of promising chemotherapeutics whose success would otherwise be prevented due to poor aqueous solubility and reliance on toxic excipients.
This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global polymer-based solubility enhancement excipients market for OSDF for 2015-2019.
The samples treated using the optimum processing conditions, such as high solubility, were characterized by protein solubility, protein aggregate size, surface hydrophobicity and pH- dependent protein solubility at 0, 0.
Data for the sorption of water and the effect of water on the solubility and diffusivity of solvents into polyethylene were measured by three different methods: pressure decay, finite inverse gas chromatography (IGC), and the static sorption method.
Figure 1: Solubility of samples at various temperatures ([degrees]C)
Aage HK, et al, (1997) declares that the effect of temperature on solubility demonstrates a steady upward trend at the beginning which is followed then by a decrease.