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Ion-Releasing, Porosity, Solubility and Bio Activity Oof Biodentine.
"This technology can enable successful clinical translation of promising chemotherapeutics whose success would otherwise be prevented due to poor aqueous solubility and reliance on toxic excipients."
This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global polymer-based solubility enhancement excipients market for OSDF for 2015-2019.
Data for the sorption of water and the effect of water on the solubility and diffusivity of solvents into polyethylene were measured by three different methods: pressure decay, finite inverse gas chromatography (IGC), and the static sorption method.
Figure 1: Solubility of samples at various temperatures ([degrees]C)
They imply that as the temperature of a solute is being increased which means endorthermic reaction the solubility will also be increased.
The fluid resistance is optimized by ensuring the selected termonomer has sufficient polarity based on its solubility parameter, even with lower ACN (acrylonitrile) content in the terpolymer.
Starch with 0.2 degree of substitution demonstrated 1,100% swelling power and 0.38% solubility. Starch with 0.1 degree of substitution demonstrated 866% swelling power and 0.64% solubility.
The "like dissolve like" principle is a measure of polymer solubility, for example, polystyrene dissolved in toluene or benzene because they have a similar structure.
Solubility measurements of the samples were performed using the shake-flask method and all the solubility experiments were conducted in triplicate.
With low cost, low solution viscosity and high solubility, these low molecular weight hydrocarbon resins can be manufactured into various dispersion vehicles to develop flush color and can also be used as a modifying resin in letdown varnish to improve overall solubility.