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SOLUTION, civil law. Payment.
     2. By this term, is understood, every species of discharge or liberation, which is called satisfaction, and with which the creditor is satisfied. Dig. 46, 3, 54; Code 8, 43, 17; Inst. 3, 30. This term has rather a reference to the substance of the obligation, than to the numeration or counting of the money. Dig. 50, 16, 176. Vide Discharge of a contract.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Apples are packed with the soluble fibre pectin which may reduce the risk of heart disease and release gut hormones that reduce your appetite.
When developing a clay body or choosing a pre-mixed moist clay, whenever possible select clays low in iron content and/or low in soluble salt content.
Elevated levels of soluble ST2 have been found in many diseases, such as asthma, dengue virus infection,[9] sepsis, and RA.[10] Our previous studies have found elevated soluble ST2 in the serum of RA patients, which is consistent with other studies.
Metals/metalloids exist in [PM.sub.2.5] in different forms, with some forms being more water soluble and thus more biologically accessible than others (Allen et al.
Soluble coffee is "exciting" and "new" in developing markets, but not in developed markets.
El-Mashad added that members of the Health Committee earlier asked the health minister to supply the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Trading Company (EPTC) with the soluble medicines, which would later be distributed to hospitals and pharmacies.
Under the terms of the agreement, Soluble will receive consideration with a total value of approximately USD 35m, plus warrants to purchase 4M shares of New Alliqua common stock at an exercise price of USD 1.07.
Pursuant to the transactions, Soluble will contribute and transfer substantially all of its assets into a newly formed subsidiary of Alliqua (New Alliqua) and Alliqua will complete a holding company reorganization resulting in New Alliqua becoming the new public parent of Alliqua.
According to recently published TechSci Research report “India Water Soluble Fertilizers Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019”, the market for water soluble fertilizers in India reached 110,000MT in 2013, with considerable growth expected in the next five years.
The Elcometer 130 Salt Contamination Meter uses the saturate filter paper extraction method to create a test sample on the blast cleaned surface prior to the application of the coating and a conductivity meter to determine the soluble salt concentration in the filter paper.
Measuring the soluble solids concentration of kiwifruit juice at harvest is the official method of assessing its maturity in most kiwifruit-producing countries, including New Zealand, Italy, France, Greece, Chile, Japan and the United States (Beever and Hopkirk 1990; Crisosto and Mitchell 2002).